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Monday, August 27, 2012

Arduino + Wave Shield DoorTunes Update

I have had our Doorbell switched out with an Arduino + Wave Shield for a few months now.

It hasn't been working like I had hoped.  There was one problem at first where I was missing a pull-up resistor.  So I installed that it worked so much better.

Now the problem was that for some reason every morning or almost every morning around 8:00am it would trip.  It would trip every so often throughout the day as well.

I increased the resistor on the pull-up resistor and that helped but, it would still trip every so often.  Then I decided to search good ol' YouTube for help with the Arduino and pull-up resistors.  That's when I learned that every digital I/O pin on the Arduino has a built in pull-up resistor. ( DigitalWrite(doorbellPin, HIGH); )

So tonight I downloaded the newest version of the Arduino software 1.0.1 and decided to give it a try.

After making the change to the code I tried to upload my Sketch to the Arduino.  And now there were a bunch of errors.  Such as "error: 'FatReader' was not declared in this scope".  I thought "Oh great, the new version is going to keep me from using this same code."  Back to Google and the forums and then it hit me... "Libraries!"...  Arghh...  I hate it when I forget these sort of things.

So I copied over my WaveHC libraries into the new version and uploaded successfully.

Now it's time to plug the doorbell back in and see if this on-board pull-up resistor is the key to getting this doorbell to be fixed.  I will for sure let you know if it doesn't work.  Otherwise if you don't hear back from me, consider it fixed!
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