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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Velcro & Spice & Now Everything's Nice

Q: What are Little Boys Made Of?
A: Ideas!

So my wife asked me if I could build her a spice rack because our cabinet was getting full and she was having a hard time finding the right spice.
She asked if I could build one onto the door of the cupboard. I looked at it and said well there are some issues with trying to build something onto the door because the middle section of the door is far too thin. Then there was the issue that if I did build something onto the door that it would protrude into the cupboard and the shelving units would get in the way and have to be worked around.
Then my Make:ing spirit came out and I told her that I had an idea. The more I thought about my idea the more "white trash" I thought it would be.
I then told her my idea and she said, "I like it!".
So, I went to the basement and grabbed the roll of Velcro that I insisted we buy (because you can never have enough Velcro).
I cut a few strips out and started mounting the spices to the cupboard door. Now she can see the spices and read their labels very clearly.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

This year I was having a hard time thinking of something to carve. My parents got back in September from serving an LDS mission in Jamaica. So as I was standing over my pumpkin talking with my parents I realized that the lines/ridges on the pumpkin looked like dreadlocks.
So it's only fitting that I do a Rastafarian pumkin... Enjoy...

Everybody always asks how to you get the circle around the main part of the carving. The secret is to thin the pumpkin so that it is still attached but the light can shine through the thin layer of pumpkin. This pumpkin has no wholes into the pumpkin other than the one on top to put the light source.