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Thursday, January 31, 2008

No! This is NOT a picture of you!

I'm sorry but this has been an issue the last few days and it makes me laugh!

There is a virus going around that will take 50 of your MSN Messenger contacts and IM them an IM with a link stating "Is this a picture of you?" or "Is that you in this picture?". When people click on the link it takes them to some site where it downloads a .dll and then overrides there MSN Messenger with a new one that uses the new .dll file. When this happens it then starts over and sends the link to the 50 new contacts from the newly infected machine!
I have hated MSN Messenger and never thought that it was very secure! I loved seeing this virus because so many people use the defaults of what they get! Honestly, How many people have msn as their homepage?

Now that you know the details behind the virus... here's a funny story to go with it!

I found out about this virus on Monday night at work. A lady clicked on it and was like "I clicked on it because it was from [so and so]". So I fixed her computer. Then in our weekly IT meeting I made mention to everyone to "NOT click on the link!" Well not more then 20 minutes later one of the IT members that sits across from me says, "Crap I just clicked on it!" as he ran around his computer to unplug his network cable. I asked him, "What?". He replied "I just clicked on the link! It was from my friend Dan." I flipped out! "What the hell! Were you not listening to me in the meeting!" Then all I could do was laugh at him because of how dumb it was! Needless to say it didn't harm his computer because we use <a title="Free operating system? Come on Microsoft! FREE!!!" Ubuntu.
Ubuntu Logo

So now that you have read this you have been warned! "No! This is NOT a picture of you!"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Israel 2006... (Catching up on the posts...)

This is the picture we used for our Christmas Cards last year.
I really love this picture.
I can't explain how great an experience it was for us to visit the Holy
It has changed our whole view on the scriptures!