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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Neglect with a newborn...

Our cat, Star, used to be our only child and she is really feeling neglected with Mason around. She used to hate to be covered with the bed sheets, paper, blankets, towels, etc...
The other day Britt got out of bed to get Mason a bottle and she threw the bed sheets over the sleeping cat on the foot of the bed. Needless to say the cat didn't even budge! Later that day I came home from work and Britt had bathed Mason and left his towel on his floor. Star had laid down on it and was "out", so I took the towel and stretched it around her. As you can see in the picture, she couldn't care less because she was content that she was getting some attention!

And here is another picture of the starved cat wanting more of my attention as I'm finishing feeding Mason.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mason's Blessing

They may be late but at least they are here now!
Mason was blessed on October 19th and these are some pictures of his outfit prior to the blessing. The blue blanket was hand made by his Great-Aunt Neala Perez.
He is such a handsome boy!

PS. I really like blogger so that I can set a different Post date and time and it looks like this was posted on the day it happened! hehe

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Instructions NOT Included!

As new parents we find ourselves trying many different things in order to make Mason happy. Granted that he is such a great kid, we always feel that we are doing something wrong.
Mason threw up tonight and it just scares you to watch him and only think that he is doing it because of something we have done!
This onesie says it all!

We also stopped by Mason's Great-Great-Grandma Burningham. She has such a great memory. She remembers the names of all of her grandchildren!

And here he is playing with his mom. He really likes playing with you when he has finished his meals!

Pure Entertainment!

We purchased an older 50" Plasma from my parents this weekend. We have needed a good TV for our entertainment room and this is AWESOME! We watched conference on it and the sound is amazing!
I also found out that we are born with the skill of falling asleep when conference is on. (Note: Mason is showing me how to sleep!)