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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mason Turned 2... (wow, that was fast!)

Time has flown and so did we... Mason turned 2 the day we left for Jamaica. See our Jamaica pictures for the video of the pilot announcing it over the PA.
We had to celebrate the birthday for those who were not in Jamaica as well, so here are the pictures from the party!

Jamica Anybody?

We spent a week in Jamaica visiting my parents (blog). It was extremely fun to see them and to let them see Mason.
Here are the pictures from the trip.

Spanish Anchor

My dad and I

Some beautiful corral

Who said scuba diving was hard? As you can see, you just sit there...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squeezeboxserver tweek

I have been using squeezeboxserver for sometime now and have loved it!

My wife and I stream our music via squeezeslave to our laptops and my desktop.  (Mac, linux and Windows)

When I mow my lawn I wanted to use my Android phone like a squeezeslave.  The way I have done it in the past was using "SqueezeDroid" or "SqueezeControl" to control the playlist and then use "A Online Radio" to open the stream.mp3.

I didn't think it would be that hard to port squeezeslave to Android.  Well after many hours of searching, there is nothing like that for Android and from what I can tell many people have tried.

Today I found a way around the need for porting squeezeslave!

Here is my findings.


Squeezeboxserver setup info:
Ubuntu Server 10.4
squeezeboxserver 7.5.1

Stop squeezeboxserver (/etc/init.d/squeezeboxserver stop)

Edit the perl file in /usr/share/perl5/Slim/Web/

Line 816 I changed from:
this: "if (!defined($client) && ($path =~ /(?:stream\.mp3|stream)$/)) {"

to this: "if (!defined($client) && ($path =~ /(?:stream\.mp3|stream|phone\.mp3)$/)) {"

I added the following on line 819:

if (($path =~ /(?:phone\.mp3)$/)) {
$address = "";

Line 1129 I changed from:
this: "} elsif ($path =~ /^(?:stream\.mp3|stream)$/o) {"

to this: "} elsif ($path =~ /^(?:stream\.mp3|stream|phone\.mp3)$/o) {"

Start squeezeboxserver (/etc/init.d/squeezeboxserver start)

Now you can browse to your squeezeboxserver and stream your new stream name on any HTTP stream.
http://<squeezeboxserver address>:9000/phone.mp3

The cool thing is that if my phone gets a different IP address from the carrier that it will still keep playing the same playlist without creating a new player each time.