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Monday, September 12, 2016

Music from Behind a Firewall with Access to the Internet... (hint: Port Forwarding)

I like to stream my own personal music. I run my own website and wanted to stream my own music from the same server. In order to do that I needed to switch ports. Being that some places of employment block access to all ports except port 80 (http:) & port 443 (https:). I can't access the ports I need in order to control/stream my music. I use SSH to help me accomplish that task. I can "port forward" the ports I need. ssh -L3333: username@serveraddress In this example 3333 is a "local" port. Meaning a local port on my work computer. means when you connect to "serveraddress" use the local server. 1234 means the local server port to use. To give you an idea of what happens, when I connect using the ssh from above, I can then browse to my local machine "localhost:3333" which then forwards that port (3333) over to my "serveraddress" and connects to port 1234. Problem solved.