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Monday, August 27, 2012

Arduino + Wave Shield DoorTunes Update

I have had our Doorbell switched out with an Arduino + Wave Shield for a few months now.

It hasn't been working like I had hoped.  There was one problem at first where I was missing a pull-up resistor.  So I installed that it worked so much better.

Now the problem was that for some reason every morning or almost every morning around 8:00am it would trip.  It would trip every so often throughout the day as well.

I increased the resistor on the pull-up resistor and that helped but, it would still trip every so often.  Then I decided to search good ol' YouTube for help with the Arduino and pull-up resistors.  That's when I learned that every digital I/O pin on the Arduino has a built in pull-up resistor. ( DigitalWrite(doorbellPin, HIGH); )

So tonight I downloaded the newest version of the Arduino software 1.0.1 and decided to give it a try.

After making the change to the code I tried to upload my Sketch to the Arduino.  And now there were a bunch of errors.  Such as "error: 'FatReader' was not declared in this scope".  I thought "Oh great, the new version is going to keep me from using this same code."  Back to Google and the forums and then it hit me... "Libraries!"...  Arghh...  I hate it when I forget these sort of things.

So I copied over my WaveHC libraries into the new version and uploaded successfully.

Now it's time to plug the doorbell back in and see if this on-board pull-up resistor is the key to getting this doorbell to be fixed.  I will for sure let you know if it doesn't work.  Otherwise if you don't hear back from me, consider it fixed!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Yesterday evening after dinner we received a phone call from our neighbor telling us that there was a fire truck and ambulance down the street.

So I put Ali in the stroller and Mason was going to ride his scooter.

Mason was taking a long time to get ready so Ali and I started walking around the block in the direction of the trucks.

As soon as Mason started down the driveway and turned onto the sidewalk he said "Look Dad, Look!  What happened?".  To which I replied, "I don't know.  That's what we are going to find out."  By this time he had caught up to Ali and I and he then says, "Am I in trouble?", I start to laugh and tell him "No you're far from being in trouble."