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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smoking Barrel

I know this is a long story but it is well worth it!

Saturday was a fun day for me. I went as a County Delegate to our County Convention to place my vote for out State Senator and County Commissioner. After the meeting I headed home to work on our basement.
For those of you who are familiar with the weather here will attest that Saturday was a nice warm day. As an old co-worker would say "One of the 9 days in Utah that you can role down your window.". So I did just that as I was driving home. Unfortunately for me I got stopped by a train with a police car in front of me. As I'm enjoying my music and the nice warm weather I get this overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke! I notice that the police officer in front of me is puffing away at his cigarette. This bothered me enough that I had to roll up my windows! (I wasn't happy about that because as you know the trains can take a while to pass and I'm stuck in my car now with my windows up now!) With this making me a little upset I started wagering with myself, "I bet that cop is going to drop that cigarette butt out the window and litter.". Having a new phone with a "camcorder" built in I decided to try to record to see if he drops it or not. Well, the train passed and the railroad arms raised. We started to proceed across the tracks when I watch as he drops the butt out the window! I was pissed now! So I honked my horn in one of those ways that he would know that I saw what he just did.
Just after the railroad tracks he pulls off to the side of the road onto the dirt and as I passed I gave him "The Look" included with the look was the raise of the arms in disgust. Personally I was hoping that he would pull out behind me and pull me over. Instead he just stayed there on the side of the road.
Seeing this I decided to turn around. I parked my car across the street from him and rolled down my window. I let him have it! "Are you going to go back there and pick up that cigarette butt that you dropped out of your window?" I said. He then replies with a "What?" as he realizes that I've just seen him litter. So, I reiterated the question "Are you going to go back and pick up the cigarette butt you dropped out of your window?" He replies with a very upset "yeah". I then asked him "Can I give you a ticket for littering?" He replies with the question "Have you been ticketed for littering?" With which I replied with my own question "Do I have to have one in order to give one?" He ignores the question and asks "Move so I can turn around?" I replied "I'm not moving, I can stay right here as long as I'd like." (Mind you I'm parked on one side of the road and he's on the other.)
He then proceeds to turn his car around (U-Turn on a double yellow line) and crosses the railroad tracks and again another illegal U-turn on the other side of the tracks. I followed him and drove further down the road and made a legal U-turn and parked far back from where he had parked. He got out of his car and stood in the door way and proceeded to look around in a way that I can tell that he has no idea as to where he had dropped the cigarette. I then got out of my car and sat on the hood of my car. I let him gaze around for a little and then I asked him "Would you like me to come show you where it's at?", again he replies with an embarrassed "yeah." So I walked up past his police car up to the railroad tracks and stood in the road next to the butt with my arm extended and my finger pointing at the butt. The officer then came walking over and bent down to pick it up.
I read his name badge, M. Boyle, and said "Thank you Mr. Boyle!" to which he replied, embarrassed again, "No, thank you.". I then returned along side of him to his car and noticed that he was an office of the "North Salt Lake City Police Force". I stated "Oh, North Salt Lake Police." and asked "What's your badge number?" to which he replied "North Salt Lake, November 15." I replied as I extended my hand, "Well, I don't know if you know who I am but my name is Marc Schaefermeyer, your mayor Shanna Schaefermeyer's son?" To which he refused to shake my hand and entered his vehicle.
I returned to my car and drove home and worked in my basement.
When I told Britt about the story she simply stated, in disgust I might add, "I can't believe you would do that!"
I just have to state that all though this officer might not get punished for his action he will undoubtedly think about this every time he drops a cigarette butt out of his window.
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