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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Schaefermeyer Home Addition Vlog #14

September 15th & 16th were both really "fun" days!

I called our contractor on Monday and asked him about getting a tarp put up for the storm that was forecast.

He said that it shouldn't be a problem.  Then he called me back and informed me that he needed to go to Moab as his son was going to be getting out of surgery by the time he got down there.

So now, not only is he telling me that he isn't worried about the water, but that he's not even going to be around!

Well the rain came!  And it came down!  I ended up taking the day off work and getting the tarps/billboard covering up the basement only after 1/2" of water had entered the basement.

The contractor's son had a gall stone blockage and had become septic so I can't feel too bad about him not being around.  I just wish that he would have taken the precaution when I first called him.

So it goes!  Please enjoy the video.

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